Kitchen Fire Suppression

A kitchen fire suppression system is an automatic, pre-engineered, fire suppression system designed to protect areas associated with ventilation equipment of commercial kitchens (including cooker hoods, extraction ducting, plenums, and filters).

The fire suppression system will also protect cooking equipment such as oil fryers, griddles and range tops, kebab grills and gas or charcoal chargrills.
Commercial Kitchen fire suppression systems Nottingham, Derby & Leicester
It is important that the kitchen fire suppression system is correctly designed and installed but it should also be serviced on a regular basis in accordance with manufacturers standards. Generally, this service work needs to take place every 6 months in order to maintain compliance and to ensure it effectiveness in a fire emergency situation.

Whilst there is no recognised British Standard specifically for the maintenance of kitchen fire suppression systems it is widely recognised that regular servicing demonstrates compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a kitchen Fire Suppression System Work

  1. Each kitchen fire suppression system has a detection line usually installed in the extraction hood and plenum areas. The detection line is held taught under tension. At predetermined points along the line there are soldered fusible links installed which under fire conditions will break at a predetermined temperature and suppress the fire.

Kitchen fire suppression fusible linkKitchen fire suppression suppressant agent cylinder
  1. The tension in the detection line is released and this causes the opening of a valve on the suppressant agent cylinder to allow suppressant liquid to be distributed through the agent pipework. At the end of each pipe run there is a pre-engineered nozzle pointing at an appliance on the cooking range or up into the extraction ducts, plenum and extraction hood.

    The release of the liquid chemical smothers the fire through saponification onto the area of risk through a network of pipework and nozzles shown below.

Commercial Kitchen fire suppression systems

Kitchen Fire Suppression nozzles overhanging a kitchen range

Will the system discharge accidentally without a fire being present?

  1. Put simply – No (unless it hasn’t been correctly installed or maintained). Unfortunately, we tend to find the only systems that tend to discharge on their own are the ones where a regular maintenance programme has not been set up. This also leads to a build up of grease laden vapours on parts such as fusible links meaning that in a fire situation the system will not operate correctly or discharge and suppress the fire.

Which Kitchen Fire Suppression System & which manufacture should I choose?

  1. There are a number of pre-engineered kitchen fire suppression systems on the market.

    The two main systems on the market are Ansul R102 and Amerex manufactured suppression systems. Side by side they also share some common parts such as fusible links and distribution pipework. There is not usually much difference between each system in terms of cost although there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each system depending on the application and design of the kitchen area to be covered.

    Our design team will be happy to provide a quote for either system as well as discuss a full ongoing maintenance package at competitive prices.

    We can offer a Free Site Survey or a free no obligation quotation from your set of drawings.

Kitchen fire suppression systemKitchen fire suppression system comparison

Water Mist Suppression Systems (Kitchens)

  1. At Firecom Systems Ltd we offer a unique pre-engineered Water Mist Kitchen Suppression Systems. Because the system uses very small micron droplets of water it is a very effective system for putting out kitchen oil fires as the water has excellent properties in cooling the fire.

    The biggest benefit of this system is that it is not only eco friendly as it uses only distilled water but the clean-up time (because it is only water), is a lot quicker enabling the restaurant to return to cooking service in a matter of 20 minutes. This is unlike more traditional systems that require longer clean up times due to the nature of the agent being used to suppress the fire following discharge.

Kitchen fire suppressions water mist system
Commercial kitchen fire suppressions water mist system

Water mist nozzles over the kitchen range


All the kitchen Fire Suppression systems we supply, and install are fully accredited either to LPCB (Loss Prevention Council Board) recognised by insurance companies as standard of effectiveness when dealing with kitchen fires, ULC (Underwriters Laboratories), FM Global and CE marked.

Firecom Systems Ltd is a fully approved installer for the systems we supply giving you peace of mind that from your initial enquiry through to installation and future maintenance programme is not only carried out correctly, but in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.

We of course offer competitive prices to all of our customers to ensure you are receiving the best possible value for money with this important life safety system.

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